Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sneak Peek of my Paper Mache Bird Sculpture

I have a long way to go..but he's definitely taking form. Looks like all the paper mache I did with my mom as kid paid off. Thanks Mom!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Go Bep Go!!!

Happy Birthday to my right ElectroBoobie...Bff...Beth Sands!!
I know a woman who is so super awsome and amazing! Shes a shining star that I look up to.
What do you get a gal like this for her bday?? No clue...but I will paint her a piece :)
The Canvas I used for her piece has actually gone through several rounds of paint...from a sexy naked tattooed man to a flock of birds I was going to give to someone..(thankfully he didn't get it) now Beppy's piece.
Canvas can go through so many changes and faces. Layers upon layers...the beauty is that the layers will always  be there adding to the new or final piece.
There are two sayings on the piece that read:
LET'S GO BEP GO! (which is bepy's theme) and "The Kids are coming up" a saying from one of her fav. jams.
Happy bday beppy...thank you for inspiring me.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Marbling for Maashu..The Cloney's Anniv./ 31 Dj Reunion

So I have this really amazing friend Matthew Cloney....Ive know him for years as a single independent musician. Well Matthew finally met this amazing woman and tied the knot.  Mrs.Cloney aka Mione is a beautiful match for Maashu.
I have been meaning to paint them a wedding piece but you know the artist in me...things get hectic.
Matthew has thrown a party called 31 for years's a party for dj's thrown by dj's. The Cloney's celebrate their anniversary on the date of the 31 party...bringing all the old and new music friends together.
The piece I made is Mione.....a beautiful woman in Matthews life. The piece fianlly came together for the 2nd year of 31.This is also the first piece I have played with the technique Marbling. Enjoy & congratulations to 2 years of love!