Monday, September 14, 2009


So since I began this blog I began a new series of paintings called: LIFE
Tonight I began and completed the second piece I dubbed "SUN KISS",
do tell.....okay....I ended up back in Long Beach after labor day. Some how I always end up in LBC. And I bought a pair of TOMS shoes..which every pair you buy a child in need gets one too.
The Toms I picked out read...MAKE ART NOT SUPER!!!!

Anyway to make a long blog short, I got a break...the break I have been waiting for. Only time shall tell, but I began this series because it will tell the story of my life...the first piece I was blue in the face....and so now this second was knocked out tonight because I feel a sun kiss.

When I got the news that I would be heading back to my home I took a piece of blank canvas and I layed it down and the army mesh upon the place I paint and it left a mark...a shadow and a pattern that I followed, the pattern was brought by the sun.

I chose orange for my face due to the fact that I feel sunshine, and health and growth entering my soul. I came upon this owl, and he is my muse for this piece. He has an orange back and pink dancing feet. Right now I feel the kiss of the sun and the kiss of life. Will see what piece number three will look like...all I know is I'm feeling the sun and it's HITTING MY SOUL AND I'M HAPPY.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 new series

My new series is called "life" yeah kinda cliche...right? Well there are many things in life that are predictable and universally experienced. Painting happens to be my way of expressing my feelings to the world.  I have been drawing since I was really young and have found that one little sketch could bring others so much joy. Over the years I have continued to paint and learn from each stroke of my wrist. 
Painting for me has always been a way of releasing stress, I am also a DJ and a dancer, when I dj I feel at one with my music, there is no other place I would rather be, when I dance I feel alive. 

I have always thought of my paintings as a hobby, but recently I was commissioned to paint a piece of my choice for a close friend, and through this piece just for the simple fact that this person believes in my art, has given me the inspiration to really make it shine and be the best that it can be.

So I finally have a blog about my art's woo hoo, I hope that you enjoy my random thoughts and my ohh so simple mind....HA HA HA!

So to finally talk about #1 piece BLUE IN THE FACE
I am going though a rough time in my life...getting over someone I loved very much. This series of paintings are a raw texture of what im going though. When I sketched this piece I cried, and when I painted it I cried..and when I finished it I cried, the look on her face...says it's the look and feeling in my heart. 

Welcome to my blog!!!

I decided to create a blog dedicated to my creative projects. I'll be posting pictures and blog entries as I journey along.