Tuesday, June 15, 2010

every minute....

A moment, a day, a month, a year...it all has meaning and it all
results in memories.
We hang on to those we want to and those we don't...well they seem to
stay anyway.
Every day is a lesson, and everyday that you wake up is a treat
because you can wake up and determine what you have in store for you!
Creating your day, painting your memories and dancing to your own
drum. Look around and remember that it's just you!

................cheers.....amore es pero....I'm a bit crazy..but I'm a bit of a lover? But I'm looking for something...looking for something beautiful, and that is "MY LIFE" .....but yes I am also SELFISH.....in a way I'm not that selfish....I love all and why do I paint?...i PAINT FOR YOU...
I DANCE FOR YOU..I PLAY FOR U...I DO IT ALL FOR YOU....I love life...and I want to make the world a better place to look at. Enjoy..

There is a method to my doll face madness.....

So I have ten doll heads, and I'm working on a installation.....yes they look creepy but when I finish this....in months from now....these doll heads are going to be so BEAUTIFUL!

Vinnie is my new edition to my NEON PET SERIES...

My best friend Vinnie, my sleeping buddy, my sancho, my late night cuddle buddy....here is the first stage to my little man.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Painting Live @ DUB PROPHECY 1-29-10

Hey hey now, tomorrow Friday the 29th I'm painting live for the VERY FIRST TIME! I've painted in a studio in front of about 8 people but that's the most. Tomorrow I will be painting in front of a crowd. I'm really excited to share my emotions of how I paint live with random strangers.
I bought a 36 x 48 piece of canvas and a stellar new black aisle for the show. Friends and family will be joining me in this great memory!
Here is the info peeps.

Friday night come check out the DUB PROPHECY @ The Rhythim Lounge 245 Pine Ave. Long Beach - Mr. Chadwick & Barikuda with DJ Mighty Junebugg and I'll be painting LIVE. Bring a can of food for discount admission. Hope to see you there ♥

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Art is love, and art heals the SOUL!

I have a dear friend who is going through a major life battle. With out having to say too much, the moral of this blog is about how ART HEALS....
My friend would watch me paint...watch and admire....finally I handed him a piece of canvas and said.."HEY here is a blank piece..here are the colors..here are the brushes...come on have FUN"
Low and behold...he starts painting...grooving, splatin....sketching...and most of all LOVING his new expression.
He painted that night....ALL night....

He painted Max's Kansas City which was a NYC Prime Location that featured Andy Warhol, The New York Dolls and list goes on...he now feels like painting about his best memories of NYC, his home town. And hes loving every minute doing it. I cant wait to see his NYC collection...but the beauty of it is....he can express his inner feelings through color.
The next day, he awoke with out a worry of his illness and his life's concerns he awoke with the excitement of finishing his first painted piece.
He looked at me and huged me and said THANK YOU, for giving me something to look forward to, thank you for giving me this gift.

Art to me is about expressing yourself, when I'm sad I paint, when I'm happy I paint, when I'm excited I paint, when I'm NUMB....ohh that's the best time to paint!
Regardless of your mood, and I'm a crab..I'm VERY moody....SO yes once again a PROVEN fact!

I will continue to paint every day and if I can share that one person and one day at a time..I know I'm doing what I was meant to!
Make art not war!

Colors and memories!

This piece went through many color schemes, they happen rapidly through the hour or the timing of my emotions. When I was painting this piece I was feeling awake and inspired, that's where the vivid colors arise.

When I begin to go black, I loose all control and that's a major reason why I paint...to lose myself in colors and emotions and music that's playing. When I paint I feel free, it's like dancing or head banging or moshing or doing the jive or these days doing the Jerk!

My hands and my heart...no one can take that or control that! Ok, sry, going off.
Back to this piece, it's colorful and vivid and alive...yet I let my emotions for the night take over the paitning...and I did, and that's ok. Opposite of what I said before, sometimes the art takes control of you..when that happens you know your in for a ride.

This piece is a proto type of what I will be painting this friday. Live for the VERY first time in my life. I've painted in front of people but this will be the first time I paint along side bands and dj's for all to see. I'm painting a 3ft. x 4ft. canvas and donating the end result to One Love Project Long Beach. I hope you all can make it.
1-29-10 Dub Phrophecy @ The Rhythim Lounge LBC 9pm. $5.00 with can food.
Much love

New supplies equals new ventures

Recently went to home base and bought a bunch of oppps paint, since then I have been having fun dripping, smearing and finger painting my emotions.....which are superlative. New Apartment, adopting two new family members..and basically enjoying life to the fullest. Since I have been back in long beach I have been complete.

Zion, the newest addition to The Neon Pet series

My friend Trisha from Florida sent me over a picture of her beautiful Lab, Zion and asked if I would paint him in the neon colors of spilling life. Of course I said yes. Zion was a sexy muse to paint...his smile is the focal point in this piece, yet accompanied by his active eyes. I am proud to have Zion apart on The Neon Pet Family!