Monday, July 23, 2012

New Muse

Hmmm what to paint, what to paint.  I'm on the hunt for new inspiration. I have been on a bird kick for months now...I think its time to flip it up a bit.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Time In tha LBC

Well I sure have been enjoying the summer, I haven't really painted much. after the Switch Foot  show. I needed a little bit of a creative break.  Although I did begin a new venture "Painting with Kids" and I must say it is a breath of fresh air. Children have no boundaries and are so free.
My Art Collective Squeeze just locked down Nov 3rd for our 1 Year anniversary.  Just to get you a little excited...we are going all out for this show, as it marks a year of our hard work and dedication.
Katie, Roxy, Laura, Taysha and I have really taken our once known as "little paint club" into something really special. Our long term goal is to become a Non Prof- fit Organization. Stay in the know..because we are about to Squeeze LBC good!!!